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workout of the day, we are going to be doing a 40 minute back and shoulder workout. This workout is perfect if you are in a hurry and do not have much time for a workout but still want to get a good pump in. 

Cardio Round 1…

For the first round of cardio we are going to do a 12-minute run to get the body loosened up and to also elevate your rate rate. This will increase the blood flow throughout the body. For the last 3 minutes, increase the speed 1 mph and challenge yourself! 


For this workout we will only be doing 1 round of weights but we will superset all sets with another exercise. You should be able to crank out 8 exercises in about 20 minutes or so. Most of the work will be with dumbbell besides the last set which will be done with cables. 


For abs today we are going to do something different. We will be doing a 5 minute plank routine. Since you will be changing moves through the 5 minutes it will be easier than you think. Try to get all the way through it without having to take a break! 



To end the workout, stretch out those muscles to prevent soreness and injury. Recovery is the most important part after working out, so make sure to take care of your body and it will take care of you. Stretch it out for a total of 10 – 15 minutes depending on how much time you have. 

back and shoulder workout


 – 12 minute warm up run, for the last 3 minutes increase the speed 1 mph



 – dumbbell shoulder press 4×10

    – superset with lateral raises 4×10

 – dumbbell arnold press 4×10

    – superset with dumbbell bentover row 4×10

– dumbbell upright row 4×10

    – superset with dumbbell shrug 4×15

– face pulls 4×12

    – superset with cable row 4×10


Abs – 5 minute plank (try to do it without a rest!)

    – 1 minute high plank

    – 30 second elbow plank

    – 1 minute raised leg plank (30 seconds each leg)

    – 1 minute side plank (30 seconds each leg)

    – 30 seconds high plank

    – 1 minute elbow plank



Less Intense Version:

 The goal with the less intense versions is to scale the workout back so someone who might just be starting to workout would be able to complete the workouts. If you find the less intense versions becoming too easy for you, but you cannot still do the full tailored option, I would suggest doing a mix of the 2. The best way to see results is to challenge yourself each and every day. 
back and shoulder workout


 – 10 minute warmup jog or incline walk



 – dumbbell shoulder press 3×10

 – lateral raises 3×10

 – dumbbell arnold press 3×10

 – dumbbell bentover row 3×10

 – dumbbell upright row 3×10

 – dumbbell shrug 3×15

– face pulls 3×12

– cable row 3×10


Abs – 2.5 minute plank (try to do it without a rest!)

    – 30 second high plank

    – 15 second elbow plank

    – 30 seconds raised leg plank (15 seconds each leg)

    – 30 seconds side plank (15 seconds each leg)

    – 15 seconds high plank

    – 30 seconds elbow plank



Demo of Exercises: 

Dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell Arnold Press
Dumbbell upright row
Dumbbell lateral raises

Face Pulls

Dumbbell Shrug

Dumbbell bent over row
Cable row




If you are looking for more workout of the day ideas, be sure to go check out our page here for more.

If workout of the day isn’t really your thing, we have workout plans and progression programs here! Be sure to check them out and find what workout plan is best for you (lean mass or strength).


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