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New to Lifting? Try this Best Beginner Leg Workout


workout of the day, we are going to be doing a Best Beginner Leg Workout. This workout is made for those that are new to weightlifting but don’t know how to get started. This leg workout goes through basic lower body lifts that can help get your weightlifting career started. 

Cardio Round 1…

For today’s cardio, we are going to doing 5 minutes on the bike or 10 minute jog. The reason I like the bike more than running on leg days is because I think it warms up the muscles better and also keeps you from getting tired. If your gym has a bike, I strongly recommend doing that over a jog. Just give it a try! 


For our circuit today we are going to be focusing on legs. This is a  5 exercise workout which we will be doing some of your most basic lower body lifts. This is great if you are new to weightlifting because nothing here is complicated. And a bonus is that a lot of these lifts are compound lifts, meaning they incorporate other muscles than just your leg muscles, resulting in a better overall workout experience and burning more calories. 


For abs we are going to do 3 different exercises for a total of 3 sets. This should get your core burning! Having a strong core will also help with your lifts! 


To end the workout, stretch out those muscles to prevent soreness and injury. Recovery is the most important part after working out, so make sure to take care of your body and it will take care of you. Stretch it out for a total of 10 – 15 minutes depending on how much time you have. 

Best Beginner Leg Workout:

Best Beginner Leg Workout

Best beginner leg workout



     – 5 minutes on a bike or 10 minute jog


 – barbell squat 4×10

 – barbell front squat 4×10

 – dumbbell lunges 4×20

 – calf raises 4×10

 – dumbbell deadlifts 4×10


Abs :

– 3 rounds of the following:

     – 30 seconds high plank

     – 30 seconds high plank leg raises

     – 30 seconds bridge pose


Cool down:

     – 5 minute walk or stairmaster


Barbell Squat:

Barbell Front Squat:

Dumbbell Lunges:

Calf Raises:

Dumbbell Deadlifts:

High Plank Leg Raises:

Bridge Pose:


If you are looking for more workout of the day ideas, be sure to go check out our page here for more.

If workout of the day isn’t really your thing, we have workout plans and progression programs here! Be sure to check them out and find what workout plan is best for you (lean mass or strength).


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Bobby Petrillo is 24 years old from Charlotte NC. He went to UNCW where he studied accounting and has been working in the IT Audit space since graduating in 2017. Fitness has always been a big part of his life ever since freshman of high school. He is passionate about sharing his health and exercise knowledge to help others achieve their goals.
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