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Spotify HIIT Workout Playlist

As mentioned in The Underappreciated Aspect of Workouts we believe here at Top Tier Fitness CLT, music is the most underappreciated aspect of a workout. Have you ever gone to the gym and had a terrible workout because your music wasn’t able to get you pumped up? As sad as it is, a good workout is dependent upon having good music, which keeps you moving and motivated. 

Studies show that faster-paced music tends to help improve athletic performance when a person engages in low-to-moderate level exercise, either by increasing distance traveled, pace, or repetitions completed.  There is also a psychological effect in which music tends to lead to feelings of pleasure or displeasure, can change thought processes, and can cause changes in behavior.

Since our workouts are designed to be either high intense circuits or strength focused, having good music is an essential piece to get you through the workout. Below is a playlist we have created on Spotify to help our followers get the proper tunes to crush their workout. This playlist is packed up upbeat music to keep you moving throughout your workout and keep up that tempo! 

We are also open to any song suggestions to add to the list! get out there and crush your next worokout with this playlist of killer tunes!!


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